Product presentation:

Product Name:K6(Lotus sports car)
1、The National Zinc Alloy Concept Car Car
2、Exclusive private mode, dual-core processors
3、Highly sensitive smart touch buttons to manipulate arbitrary
4、360-degree full-band detection, FM radar, the strengthening of the tail measured
5、Built-in large capacity electronic eye database, multi-band mobile speed warning LED display detection frequency
6、The latest engine and GPS high sensitivity antenna, all-round laser receiver, Star Search is quick and fast, high sensitivity radar
7、The latest integrated VCO scanning technology in the world
8、POP smart filter, low interference

Product parameters:

Voice navigation Full-range voice warning,Can receiveX,K,Ku,New K,Ultra-wideKa Wave band
Voice warning:Fixed speed camera,Red light speed cameras,Radar speed camera,Support radar warning
Power Performance Power supply requirements:DC12V
Output current:200mA≤500mA
Other properties Laser GunLaser Beam:904mn±33MHz
Database capacity:490000Pen
Distance error value±10(m)
Electronic compass:East, South, West, North, Southeast, Northeast, Southwest, Northwest North

Product features:


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