Shenzhen Luke Technology Co.,Ltd  Founded in July 2007, is a professional GPS satellite navigation systems, speed radar warning device, car Special car DVD audio navigation system, digital mobile TV, digital product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, is China's current poleenterprises with competitive advantages and vitality.

  The rapid development of the automotive market and the expansion of GPS applications, making Shenzhen Road Branch facing huge market opportunities and challenges.

  Shenzhen Luke Technology Co.,Ltd “Multilateral cooperation to develop their own ideas,Will fully integrate various resources on the industry value chain, the consumer channel, tourist travel, media, marketing partners, software development, manufacturing, investment partners and other elements formed a strategic partnership,With“To conquer the eye”Brand as a link, the establishment of the conquest of the eye digital products research, production, sales enterprises Alliance mode to achieve an equal, mutually beneficial value development, partnerships, and we also provide you brands of GPS navigation and radar gunwarning programs or OEM service; future, Shenzhen Road Branch will also work with the construction of the ITS system combining real-time access to dynamic information of the road, effectively guide the operation of the vehicle, to optimize the user's driving path, saving travel time, the carthe development of navigation products industry must become a people's lives。

  Shenzhen Luke Technology Co.,Ltd More efficient and attentive customer service, a professional promotion agencies in Hangzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Hefei, Xi'an and other places around the experienced professionals, can the user's requirements to respond quickly,high quality and efficient services。

  Shenzhen Luke Technology Co.,Ltd Pursue"Customer first, honesty"The principle of continuous innovative products dedicated to the community, the company will enrich the product line to cover the high, medium and low different needs of users; improvement and development of value-added information service system and content; using brand strategy to expand the scale and constantlycreate new value for customers, and strive to build the company into a first-class products, first-class talents, first-class management level high-tech companies。

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