LKGO security early warning systems listed

       In January 2013, the well-known manufacturers of domestic radar speedometer Road Branch, Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. officially announced its independent research and development of GPS warning software and named LKGO. It is reported, LKGO system is the most cost-effective in the industry as a whole, the compatibility of the strongest, most stable software adaptation warning. For the convenience of the majority of users, Shenzhen Road Branch is now open to public for free download, driving home for the holiday from welfare to want to reduce the ticket on the way home the driving safer riders quickly download to try it. Fixed electronic data LKGO security warning system has up to 720,000 data provinces data, no matter how far you go through the trek, LKGO your journey will bring security to reduce the ticket. Users are welcome to test and give valuable suggestions and comments.Download LKGO security warning


 LKGO security early warning system characteristics and advantages
 1.National version of the data, no longer distinguish between the north and south, do upgrade the National General.     
 2.Effective fixed data traffic, up to 720,000 data, industry items up data.
 3.Accurate data, the broadcast of error is small, and can add or modify data information.    
 4.Update speed, a month time from the 15th to the 16th release packet.      
 5.Matching compatible with the major compatible match the major program of the company's navigation, operation set.
 6.Compatible match any computer system, to accurately identify the electronic dog equipment.
 7.Match all navigation screen size without changing the settings, generic matching 4.3-inch, 5-inch, 7-inch navigation. 8.Small memory footprint, low operating environment requirements, reduce crash card machine phenomenon.
 9.The Default can add 300 pen custom coordinate.     
 10.LKGO permanent free download, free data update。.     
       LKGO safety warning listed is of great significance
     The formal implementation of the new traffic laws  LKGO security early warning system for escort
       The beginning of 2013, the transport sector has been the implementation of the new traffic laws, speeding or running red lights deduction of six points, for speeding more than 50% deducted 12 points deduction driver's license, current urban traffic monitoring systems increasingly tight, no doubt to the car owners driving brings greaterpressure. LKGO safety warning system listed will give the owners to bring a huge positive, the system will be a strong advantage and strength truly let your driving safety, away from danger, to avoid a ticket.
       LKGO safety warning system provides an integrated platform for the integration of road safety information and car electronic products, open up new aspects for car navigation and safe driving, many automotive electronics for car navigation systems, DVD navigation, electronic dog, driving recorderThe product provides a driving safety information services, to provide integrated solutions to driving safety aids, the owner of the driving experience, and navigation information.
Shenzhen Luke
       Shenzhen Luke Technology Co.,LtdElectronic Co., Ltd., chairman of Nanjing Road Branch, Shenzhen Junan Software Technology Co., one of the original shareholders Chenzhi Han Rui Yi Electronics Co., Ltd., Chairman Lin Qinglong common spend formation, a company specializing in product development speed radar warning device, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, the enterprises of China's current highly competitive and vitality. Company the existing Beijing Branch, Nanjing Branch, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Branch, Wuhan Branch branch to provide quality and efficient services. Owns conquer the eye, gold commander free wind series brand, with international standard production lines, as well as a large number of professional and technical personnel.
       Shenzhen Luke Technology Co.,LtdHarmonious enterprise and traditional style of the company has been committed to the tachometer to create high-quality products, and for people to create a safe, convenient, comfortable driving space.Over the years has always been to help customers realize the value of the target, and adhere to both ability and integrity, pragmatic innovation, talent passion beyond values, mutual respect, and work progress and strive to showcase the best corporate style and spirit of enterprise. Luke TechnologyPersist“Technological innovation as a source of development, market demand for development-oriented”Business strategy,Adhering“Innovation, hard work, harmony”Business philosophy,Uphold the integrity of cooperation and harmonious development, and strive to the leading edge of technology, high-quality products and services to meet customer needs. Road Branch pursues"Customer first, honesty"The principle of continuous dedication to the community with innovative products, the company through a rich product line to cover the high, medium and low-end users of different needs; improvement and development of value-added information service system and content; using brand strategy, to scale, and constantlycreate new value for customers, and the efforts to build the company into a first-class product, first-class talent and class management level high-tech companies.
     For details, you can consult the major agents distributors, andShenzhen Luke Technology Co.,LtdS taff

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