Road Division Three Laws

Quality can not be born, no brand is not always——Intentions to do the brand,SHENZHEN LUKE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD

Rule one: consumer audience precision assured brands to enter the market

Is necessary for docking and product branding. Brand allowing consumers to form the view that, I bought your product, to be the best in some respects. This creates a contrast between the understanding and awareness of, before emotional dependence on the corporate brand. Positions in advertising and marketing media the advertisers selected to match the target audience viewing habits Media, cross-media advertising accurate delivery to the target population,Buy“Audience”Instead of“Media”,To achieve the purpose of advertising accurate delivery.Accurate positioning consumer audience to the brand into the market.

Rule Two: identify their own unique form of product differentiation

Identify the process characteristics of the brand, resulting in a brand selling point technology to make products to achieve a“Amount”to“Quality”Leap in the pursuit of differentiated products,Sell ​​different products to different classes of consumers.Identify their own characteristics, the formation of produced alienation products, will not only be able to form their own distinctive brand features a selling point, but also for the conduct of market tough fight to find the right cut direction.

Rule Three: emphasis on marketing strategy to maximize the benefits of publicity

The difference is that between the brand and the brand-name control rigidly investment in advertising costs, effective use of major media advertising, into *** propagation, event marketing, the high returns propaganda, establish a good corporate image, enhance market credibility,reputation so that consumers are willing to accept their own brand.

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