Shenzhen Luke Technology Co.,Ltd Superiority

1,Professional manufacturer——ProfessionalGPS、Radar technology, the introduction of independent innovation of high-tech products.
2,National data——Large 64M memory space contains more than 600,000 of fixed data and safety warning information, is the only one covering Tibet, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to become the domestic electronic dog industry the largest amount of data in electronic dog vendor.
3,First-class talent——The company has a high-quality R & D team, a large number of personnel to master the core technology and experienced management personnel, is the guarantee of the business to grow。.
4,After-sales service——The timely resolve warranty issues, fast solution to customers in the use the process of technical problems encountered.

Product advantages:
1,Three-year warranty——Is the industry's only dare warranty company for three years, only because of our excellent quality, solve your worries。.
2,Domineering name, various styles——Its gold commander, free wind, three brands to conquer the eye.The red flag is now the new gold commander K888 exclusive Collector's Edition car models, distinguished excellence and extraordinary style. Is a symbol of your identity and status.
3,Automatic update feature——National original, just download packet data per week will be automatically upgraded to download without login website, allowing you to use the quick and easy。.
4,Diversification——Custom coordinates, record the bits and pieces of your travel. You come prepared, not in the blind spot of trouble.
5,Leading technology——Using the latest research and development“H-8G”Super broadband technology, super high performance waveguide filter technology can filter out the interference band, South Korea imported ANW probe mobile gun point to show his true colors, so you stay away from the ticket.
6,360 degree search function——Radar surround scan, regardless of speed measurement device the front, rear, left and right, any one direction can be found, for the first time to make early warning, timely to remind drivers to reduce speed, 360 degrees perfect protection.

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