Product presentation:

Product Name:K12(Red flag)
1,The country's first zinc alloy, battery, touch buttons
2,Red Flag Collector's Edition, exclusive private mode
3,Dual-core processor, an independent satellite signal processor
4,360-degree full-band detection, FM radar, tail measured strengthen
5,Built-in large capacity electronic eye database, multi-band mobile speed warning LED screen display detection frequency
6,The latest engine and GPS high sensitivity antenna, the full range of laser receiver, star search quickly and highly sensitive radar
7,Latest scanning technology integrated VCO in the world
8,POP intelligent filtering and low interference
9,Large memory version of the country data, a key free upgrade upgrade

Product parameters:

Voice navigation Full-range voice warning,Can receiveX,K,Ku,New K,Ultra-wideKa Wave band
Voice warning:Fixed speed camera,Red light speed cameras,Radar speed camera,Support radar warning
Power Performance Power supply requirements:DC12V
Output current:200mA≤500mA
Other properties Laser GunLaser Beam:904mn±33MHz
Database capacity:490000Pen
Distance error value±10(m)
Electronic compass:East, South, West, North, Southeast, Northeast, Southwest, Northwest North

Product features:

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